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Labor laws

Labor law always has a strong impact on business operation of enterprises, as different from other legal matters, labor law influences directly on benefits of both employers and employees, even impacts on society. Accordingly, application of the sensitive legal aspect not only requires employers, lawyers to have legal knowledge but also needs experiences, and flexible applying to avoid implicit conflicts in the labor relationship.  

Under the management and consultant directly by Lawyer Cao Duc Nhuan, our law office prides as one a leading law office in Vietnam providing high and extensive advices on labor law. Mr. Cao Duc Nhuan not only has in-depth experience in the labor field, but also is a senior lecturer of Judicial Academy of Department of Justice in Vietnam to teach labor law and instruct dispute settlement practice for future lawyers.  

In his practice, Lawyer Cao Duc Nhuan has consulted hundreds labor cases to employees and foreign companies in Vietnam, as well as provide advices on labor management for companies which have significant laborers. In recent years, many companies with thousands of employees have been supported by him to amicably settle of strikes. In 2017 and 2018, under the support of Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority (DIZA) and Dong Nai Justice Deparment, Cao Duc Nhuan Law Office set up and attend labor seminars for around 300 hundred foreign direct investment (FDI) companies in Dong Nai

Cao Duc Nhuan Law Office counsels labor and employment issues, drafting labor contracts and collective labor agreement, settlement of strikes as well as gives advices on other labor matters arising in the enterprises’ business. In addition, we also offer highly training labor programs in order to diffuse and improve legal issues to employees.