Chúng tôi có thể giúp gì cho bạn?


Although contracts are considered as “spine” to business operations, they have not yet received appropriate consideration, thus they are contained significant implicit risks. 

With many years experience of counselling for multinational groups, consultancy and drafting of commercial contracts are our strength. Implementing such services, we commit to prepare contracts that giving the highest benefits for companies, and minimizing potential risks in the contractual implementation.

In addition, our partner, Ms Cao Thi Ha Giang who attended an excelent negotiation course provided by Harvard Law School in the USA to support your company to negotiate with your clients on contract's content. 

Our services include

-     Reviewing and drafting all kinds of civil and commercial contracts, including sales and purchase contracts, distribution and agent contracts; foreign trade contracts; joint venture contracts, M&A contracts; contracts in real estate, construction, finance and insurance industries.

-      Participating with clients in the negotiation process.

-   Providing legal advices and help clients to find appropriate solutions to resolve effectively legal issues associated to contract performance.

-       Providing training couses in negotiation and drating contracts at companies.