Chúng tôi có thể giúp gì cho bạn?

Debt collection


In civil or commercial disputes, claims of debt payment arising from loan or sales contracts are common disputes, and although they seems to be quite simple than others, litigators do not have a firm knowledge on law and specific, professional skills in debt recovery process, might be failure.  

The team of professional lawyers has successfully litigated hundreds of large number of debt recovery cases for individuals, companies, banks, financial organizations, thus Cao Duc Nhuan Law Office offers debt recovery solutions which are quick, cost-saving and efficient. Our experienced litigators shall give worthy advices or support you to deal with, or restore overdue debt, and collect debts by appropriate and efficient manners. Since 2014 to now, the amount of collection debt cases which our clients entrust to us are hundreds cases with significant amount up to hundreds of billions Vietnam dong 


We also recognize that result of this service is not only recorded in parties’ agreement, or courts’ judgment but also shows in reality by collecting amount of debt. As such, we offer all-in service and debt recovery service is only completed when clients receive amount in reality.   

Carrying out the debt recovery service, Cao Duc Nhuan Law Office also support clients in assessment of companies’ financial management tool, debt control in order to overcome shortcomings and limit financial risks.