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Commercial disputes

Cao Duc Nhuan Law Office understands that litigation at courts or arbitrations should only be a final resolution in commercial disputes, due to its particular character of business relationship. Therefore, our lawyers having extensive experience and professional skills shall support clients in dispute settlement by using many effective methods, from the mediation, and negotiation to litigation at competent authorities, such as arbitration or court.     

Under the management of Mr. Cao Duc Nhuan, who has substantial experience of legal procedure and excellent dispute resolution skills, and gather in more than 20 years experience, together with other litigation lawyers having domestic and international commercial law knowledge, Cao Duc Nhuan Law Office takes pride in the capacity to resolve effectively all kinds of commercial disputes by all dispute resolution measures. 

·   Breach of contract: It is a common dispute in business, and occurs in any kind of contracts. We have successfully handled and resolved hundreds of cases, from simple to complex commercial disputes in all industries, including manufacturing, distribution, services and real estate. We are now attending in a commercial contract dispute for a foreign company with the dispute amount up to more than 200 billions Vietnam dong. 

·   Disputes in construction: We have deep trial experience in settlement with construction disputes relating to design errors, or compensation claims due to late completion of works, lack of quality; or compensation due to unilateral termination of construction contracts; or requests in warranty liability. In 2015 and 2016, we represented and claimed sucessfully for a foreign contractor on a construction dispute of 5 stars hotel in Ha noi.

·   Disputes in insurance field: Cao Duc Nhuan Law Office has involved in many lawsuits regarding insurance claims, both in life insurance to non-life insurance fields.

·  Disputes between company and companies’ shareholders; disputes among shareholders in management, or profit distribution: The above-mentioned disputes increase rapidly, and in directly proportional to increasing amounts of new companies. Such disputes, which differ from other kinds of commercial disputes, impact directly and strongly or threaten to companies’ development, their reputation and even their existence. Understanding thoroughly of such negative impacts, our deep experience lawyers, who have handled many complicated and great value cases, together with significant and proven skills in litigation shall settle efficiently through mediation, negotiation, arbitration or court.     

·  Intellectual property litigation: Cao Duc Nhuan Law Office can handle a board range of intellectual property disputes, including trademarks, inventions and copyrights.